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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mobile Spy Features

Features of Mobile Spy Software

Mobile Spy Software offers a wide spectrum of features for monitoring the cell phone activity. It fits a wide array of needs. Whether you are trying to spy on your cheating spouse/girl friend/boy friend, or a responsible parent trying to monitor the cell phone usage of your kids, Mobile Spy has all the right cell phone spy software features for you. We are confident that you will find Mobile Spy Software the best cell phone tracking/monitoring/spying software available in the market.
So what can mobile spy software do? Here are all the main features:
  1. Stealth GPS Tracking – This Mobile Spy software feature enables you to secretly track the cell phone. Results are then displayed on a map.
  2. Secretly Read Text Messages – With this Mobile Spy feature, you’ll be able to read all incoming and outgoing text messages. This works even if the messages are deleted after they are read.
  3. Secretly Read Emails – Mobile Spy also enables you to read incoming and outgoing emails. This also works even if the emails are deleted.
  4. Secretly View Photos – This feature enables you to view all the photos snapped on the cell phone.
  5. View Call Logs – This enables you to view all the call logs on the mobile. Incoming, outgoing, name of caller associated to the number in the address book, and time/date stamps.
  6. View Browser Logs – View website URLs that the iPhone user visits.
  7. View Contact List – With this Mobile Spy feature, you’ll be able to view all the contacts stored on the mobile.
Here is a video that will show you exactly how mobile spy software works,  features, and what it can do. Definitely watch this if you are new to the spy phone industry.


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