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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mobile Spy Software – Mobile Spy Legal, Undetectabl, Safe?

Is Mobile Spy Legal?

When you first hear about mobile spy and what it does, you may wonder whether mobile spy is legal or illegal. Well do not worry; if mobile spy software was illegal then companies such as Mobile Spy cell phone tracker and Mobistealth(Android Spy) would have been closed down years ago. This mobile spy software can however be used for illegal purposes like when a stalker use it to spy into your privacy. When you’re the owner of the particular mobile phone you want to spy on then your legal concerns are pretty much over. You can do whatever you like with your own mobile phone and that include installing mobile spy software on it. Therefore employers and parents are in their rights to install this software to prevent abuse and curb unwanted behaviour.
The legality as mentioned earlier occurs when it comes to installing Mobile Spy on another person’s cell phone. A common example is someone who wants to use it to find out whether their spouse is cheating. Using Mobile Spy is legal in this scenario if the country or state laws permits spying on your spouse. However, to determine this you have to seek legal advice. Even though it is may be illegal in a particular location so many people are still willing to take the risk of being caught because knowing the truth is much more important to them. Can you imagine catching an STD or something worst because of lack of knowledge? It is sometimes understandable why people would take this risk and since the software is undetectable in the mobile phone it is highly unlikely they’ll be caught.
Is Mobile Spy Software Really Undetectable?
Mobile Spy Software used to be one of those things that only existed in the movies. You realize, someone bugged a mobile phone, or hacked into some database, and the next thing you know they could track someone using their mobile phone. However, with today’s technology, almost anyone can use mobile spy software to discover someone’s location – as long as they’ve access to the phone to install the software, of course.
But is mobile spy software really as stealthy as what they use in the movies? Is it really virtually undetectable? In fact, when you are planning to go to all the trouble to install it on someone’s phone, you dont want to get caught, right? Well the good thing is that mobile spy software really is almost completely undetectable. Once installed, it will not show up as an installed program. It won’t even show up as a program that is running on the phone. The person using the phone would literally have to go looking for it to know that they are being watched. And most people don’t even know this kind of technology exists, let alone that it could be installed on their mobile phone right now.
Most mobile spy software is so powerful that it really will track a person’s location, sending GPS coordinates to a secure server. All you need to do is log in and you will see exactly where someone is at any given time. The mobile spy software won’t even make noise as it sends information from the phone, so the person won’t even know their location is being transmitted. And once you log into the secure server, you can map the coordinates of the person’s location throughout the day. You can also see what route they took to get from place to place.
So why would someone want to use mobile spy software? Can’t you just trust people? Well the truth is, sometimes you really can’t. If you feel your spouse is cheating on you, using mobile spy software is cheaper than hiring a private investigator. As well as you can install it without them even knowing, so if it turns out they aren’t cheating, they’ll never know you doubted them. Or let’s say you really trust your children, however, you need to make sure that you know where they’re at any given time? Using mobile spy software can really help – and it gives you peace of mind in case something does happen. Some offices even use spy software to make sure that employees aren’t using company time for personal use. See, you don’t have to use the software just for spying and voyeurism – it’s very useful in a multitude of situations.


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